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A new “face” to the IMEL advertising page
Not just a wordplay for the new advertising page of IMEL that will be planned in the IPCM sector magazine starting next August:
we decided to choose for a definitely unusual
visual, for the sector in which IMEL operates, definitely of strong impact because nothing is taken for granted.

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The colour that pleases nature
Imel has designed and realized the new painting system of Pratic Spa (Fagagna, UD), leading company in the production of solar protection systems.
The new plant, designed by IMEL, is a state-of-the-art facility that, in addition to ensuring excellent color retention, it is at zero impact.

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The challenge of the new millennium: being a smart factory, or a company 4.0
Participation to PAINT EXPO 2018 (Karlsruhe, Germany) has been the occasion for IMEL to talk about strategies and new project for next two years period with his partner.
Between them, lots of importance has been given to the presentation of i4paintshop platform, IMEL solution to transform the painting system into a clever plant: the smart factory.

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i4paintshop: the company go beyond the concept of management and control of the process
With i4paintshop IMEL, the painting plant becomes an open system and it is able to communicate with the entire production organization and to benefit from the large amount of data collected and managed by the field control.
Customer is able to control and manage stages of the process, single machines and the history of data relating to production batches as well as plant data (consumes, OEE, environmental impact, traceability).

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SFCHINA 2018: Imel meets its partners

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The Annual Strategy Meeting 2018

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Imel will attend at 31st China International Exhibition for surface Finishing & Coating Products (SFCHINA2018), 04/06 Dec. 2018.
Booth 4.1 F23/26.
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China.

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ARNEG 4.0: performance and attention to the environment
The new powder coating line by Arneg Italia was designed by IMEL.
The line concept was based on the innovative technologies of the industry 4.0, aimed at effective human-machine interction, optimal integration of all internal and external management system (espacially in the framework of supplier relationships), and energy waste reduction for a more sustainable environmental impact.

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The company


Imel, established in 1964 with the aim of creating coating equipment, is now a worldwide reference point in the market. A reality that exports to more than 70 countries.


An expression of Italian DESIGN throughout the World with a strong INTERNATIONAL profile.

INNOVATIVE, for its ability to anticipate trends in an extremely complex market. FLEXIBLE, in knowing how to adapt solutions to customer requests even as the work is underway. Imel is a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS COMPANY, that has decided to adopt a managerial approach inspired by FUNDAMENTAL values.

Imel is an excellence in the way in which it does business, inspired by the constant search for the best design solutions in terms of overall system efficiency: for both operators and the environment.


Provide customers around the world with innovative, low-energy and easy-to-use coating equipment.

To be a worldwide reference point for coating equipment in terms of technology and services.

Its values
In over 50 years of activity and presence on the world market, it has been a company of values that still today guide her in her daily activity:

• Reliability: rispect for the times established, respect for the regulations and quality assurance are prerequisites for a lasting and successful activity;
• Trasparency: sharing goals in a win-win logic, from the customer to the supplier;
• Determination: the will to achieve goals and to satisfy the customer has always been part of Imel’s culture;
• Dynamism: organizational flexibility, willingness to grow, continuous research and improvement of skills and operational tools are the key elements through which Imel materializes its capacity to deal with the changes in competitive, technological and regulatory scenarios.

The Imel Group in the world

Imel has facilities in more than 70 countries and over time has created a consolidated worldwide network of experienced collaborators. In 2012 it founded Imel Boya Tesisleri in turkey and in 2017 it founded Suzhou IMEL Coating Equipment in China. The Group also includes Avin in Valvasone (PN) and Varnishtech in Galliate (NO), both jointly owned.


The organization

Imel is structured in 6 main functions: Sales/Marketing, Research and Development, Order Management, Design, Production and Servicing with a matrix-based organization to enable greater efficiency in managing work order. The true corporate value, which is at the heart of everything we do, is Human Resources: a value that has been cultivated and has grown with ethics, responsibility and conviction since Imel was founded.




Our systems must meet various levels of requirements that go beyond product quality assurance and productivity numbers.

The environmental impact, which is integrated with the safety of the working environment, is an essential element and Imel, thanks to continuous research and important information exchange with its customers, is able to supply equipment aimed at:

maxium reduction and consumption control

  reduction and control of emissions

extension of the equipment’ s lifecycle


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realized plants

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