Factory 4.0 is a reality for imel customers thanks to i4paintshop® platform.
i4paintshop® is imel solution to transform your painting system in an intelligent factory: THE SMART FACTORY.
Factory 4.0 exceeds the concept of management and control of the process.
With i4paintshop®, imel painting system became an open system able to talk with the entire productive organization and to gain value from the large amount of data collected and managed by the field control.
It allow customer to control and manage the phases of process, single machines and historical data related to production batch as well as plant data (consumption, OEE, environmental impact, traceability).
Decisions are finally supported by database, graphics and detailed files, thanks to the ability to process big data in real time.
Decision, this is the basic concept around which the platform i4paintshop® was developed: how to allow customer to take the right decisions, how to simplify decision making process through machine learning.

/ i4environment: measurements and collection of all global consumption and consumption divided by functional area, expressed both in terms of consumption and cost
/ i4production: the traceability of all production batches with highlight of timing, cost and alarms and with highlight of signal occurred during production

/ i4efficiency: it is the OEE trend divided by availability, quality and efficiency with highlight of plant shutdown reasons, type and quantity of waste and details of yield
/ i4maintenance: maintenance plans defined by machine learning, based on actual use
/ i4smartdoc: records accessible directly with simple clicks or directly from field through the App that read barcode affixed onto the machines
/ i4service: portal of direct communication with the Service that allow to activate ticket by type and needs, it allows to follow processing status in real time
i4call: it is the connection availability to selected operators in case of particular and critical signals and/or faults