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Imel can boast several decades of experience in the manufacture of dip and spray plants. It has an impressive list of top customers who expect only the highest quality standards. It designs and develops plants that can perform any type of pre-treatment, not necessarily tied only to coating: degreasing, phosphating, pickling, nanotechnology, phosphochromatization and other chemical processes.

Liquid coating

The application of liquid coating products creates plant engineering problems that Imel has successfully solved time and time again, building a wealth of technical knowledge that it makes available to its customers. It therefore can manufacture plants that ensure the highest level of quality on the finished product with superb efficiency in terms of abatement, air circulation in cabin and low energy consumption.

Powder coating

Ever since the invention of electrostatic coating technology that use powdered products, Imel has fine-tuned pant engineering solutions that aim at achieving the highest quality and cutting down costs. One of the strengths of Imel’s technology are its furnaces (including infrared or ultraviolet), which ensure steady temperature and remarkably low consumption.

Plastic coating

Over the past few years, Imel has especially developed its business in the automotive industry, designing and installing top-performing plants. Nowadays, cars feature more and more components, which most frequently include bumpers, mirrors, spoilers, car grilles, etc. Plants have been designed to allow for the treatment of new plastic elements or even damaged ones, coating parts in PP, PP/EPDM, ABS, PC, PA, PUR and PPO.


Imel has been developing electrophoresis plants since the 60's and can boast a long list of references in this field, to coat a whole host of products such as dishwashers and laundry machines, external profiles in metal, motor vehicle frames, agricultural machines, truck cabs, car components, finned batteries and domestic heaters, medical devices and much more.

Porcelain enamel

Imel has manufactured plants for all enamel application cycles, liquid or electrostatic powder, direct white and "two coats/one heating" cycle, special "combo" plants and with "ground“ chemical. Imel plants apply enamel coatings on a wide variety of products including bathtubs, ovens and kitchen counters, bathroom heaters, thermal components, outdoor building coverings and many more.

Galvanic plants

Imel has a history in the manufacture of traditional metal finishing lines (zinc, nickel, chrome, etc.) both for chemical and electrolytic deposit and frame-holder bars and electroplating barrels. It has also developed PCB plants for the industry of professional and hi-tech printed circuits.

Sheet metal and profiles

Imel has assembled countless automatic sheet metal and profile coating lines, especially indicated to coat materials used in the naval industry, in the conditioning of special steel and in heavy-duty metalworks with a rustproof primer. The plants in this series are employed in major shipyards across the globe, ensuring reliability, energy saving and high automation.

Special plants

Thanks to research and testing, Imel has developed original projects for plants used in several industries:
  • bulk hardware coating
  • coating of metal canisters
  • automated machines for pot enameling
  • drying plants
  • pyrolysis coating removal kilns
  • fluidized bed plasticization plants
Some of these machines are patented.