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About Us


Imel is a global player specialised in the design and manufacture of surface treatment and coating plants. The company in 2014 celebrated 50 years of activity, with interests in every market tier and over 1000 installed plants. It is an undisputed leader when it comes to quality, technological research and innovation. Imel has headquarters in Codroipo (UD), a crossroads in the manufacturing district of the North-east, and is a company that uses state of the art technology and provides top quality and customer service. Imel works directly with its customers to seek out the best solution in terms of productivity and budget and with regard to increasingly important factors, like managerial flexibility, energy consumption, respect for the environment, quality of life and system appearance.

Mission & Vision

Imel's mission is to put the customer at the centre of its business, with the aim of developing coating plants that satisfy both the customer and the specialised technician in charge of its operation. Every Imel project revolves around the individual and his needs.
Imel plants are manufactured with the typical care that has made "Made in Italy" famous worldwide. The finest, certified raw materials are transformed by the expertise of the most prominent engineers, a quality that has achieved helped the Company achieve leadership status in its line of industry, precisely because it has never joined in the price lowering game in this global market that is so price competitive.
Vision: "Think Global, act Local"
For Imel, the upcoming years are aimed at glocalization, a marketing phenomenon that can be summarized in the motto "Think global, act local". This means the company will operate globally while giving customers a "local treatment" with full range assistance.

The Imel Group in the world

With plants installed in over 30 Countries from Algeria to Venezuela, in the past decade Corporate business has increasingly focused on Countries in the so-called "Soviet orbit". It is historically present in Africa, in the Magreb Countries, in the Middle East and in Turkey. In 2012, it established Imel Boya Tesisleri, in Turkey. Avin of Valvasone (PN) and Varnishtech of Galliate (NO), have also recently become part of the Group with the Company holding an investment share. It has a profound knowledge of Customer requirements, domestically and on foreign markets, but also of the standards applicable in the various Countries. Every year, new human and productive resources become a part of Imel branch offices across the globe, with particular attention to emerging and developing markets. The main goal of Imel's plan for international expansion is to have a presence in the Countries where its manufacturing plants and chief customers are located, with the aim of making product and service supply faster and more efficient.


Imel is organized in 3 divisions Design, Manufacture and After-sales, to offer the Customer all around, undivided assistance in every stage of the project. The divisions work as a team to come up with solutions and proposals "for the Customer" and "for every Customer". A complete range of services is available to all Imel customers, starting from the first contact with the Company and throughout the plant's entire life cycle. Imel consulting starts with visit on-site at the industrial facilities of the Customer, wherever their location, and continues with a non-stop exchange of information on-line, in the form of uploaded data or video-conferencing. The Technical Office at Imel can also directly interact with the Customer via Internet thanks to the operating software on the finished plant, monitoring its production stats and offering technical support in real time. The Technical Office also prepares the set of manuals that go with the plant in the customer's language, while teams of technicians make sure that besides calibration and commissioning, follow-up is provided with on-site inspections. Finally, Imel guarantees instant availability of spares and consumables, thanks to its efficient logistics. All this with added value: that is, upfront relations and the ability to understand the individual needs and circumstances, a secret to Imel's success and to the satisfaction of its customers.


An ethical spirit: eco-responsibility
Imel's core business thrives on its ethical spirit that leads it to develop high performance plants whose manufacturing processes have a low environmental impact owing to a technology that is respectful of the environment: in fact, the Company believes it is essential to invest heavily in sustainable research. Imel has made attention for the individual or, in other words, the person actively involved in the project, its strength. It is precisely due to solutions tailored to the direct operator, the "individual," that the Company has managed to improve "machine" performance, a process that bucks the trend of focusing investment on technological parameters at the expense of the human factor. Company policy shifts from plain eco-friendly to the more structured eco-responsible: the objective is the same, but with an added code of ethics that puts the individual back at the centre of the project.
Pact for the environment
One of Imel’s goals is to continuously improve health and safety in the workplace and the surrounding environment and, more specifically:
  • focus on downsizing environmental impact and risks in the R&D of every product and process;
  • application of environmentally compatible technology;
  • focus on preventing any form of pollution and injury in everyday work.
This is a primary goal and Imel is determined to achieve it using every possible means, in particular by involving all staff and organising training sessions. Imel aspires to becoming a trusted partner of all its Customers through balanced industrial development that is appreciated on all levels.